Monday, May 2, 2011

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

Pirates of the Caribbean is back

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Yo ho ho!! Lets join nuffnang contest then
 45 Nuffnangers and their guests will have a chance to catch 
an exclusive screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D
3 days before its debut in Malaysia

5 best-written posts will also win an exclusive set of 
3 bottles of OPI Lacquer & Essential Manicure
& Pedicure Service worth RM297 each

YARRR!!!! no one can steal the giveaway sets from me

The best 3 things about being a pirate are
1- No need to find money $$$$$

Stealing is allowed
Stealing makes a pirate become more proud
Although in front of crowd
then left them and screaming out loud!!!
back to the sea, 'travel' back behind cloud

2- Study about the sea, the earth..
it is respectable and beneficial
no need to study math, periodic table and financial
no need to struggle doing assigment 
and forget about final examination commitment
  forget about last minute study 
yet i experienced study in muddy and bloody
with my buddy name Ruddy
so it makes sense that pirates are nature lover already
besides, pirates expert about directions and maps
without a GPS device pirates still heading the right directions and avoid traps


3- Pirrates language (English pirrate) is verry unique
ARR!!!! it becomes worrldwide, nay!!! it's not antique
as be yer(you) can see on facebook setting language and click
fer(for) sure,they be nay(not) got sourrce frrom wikileak
i be trry ter(to) prractise pirrate language ter speak
i be sorrry if i have made mistakes
yer will be enjoyin' if yer try ter learn it
yer may find lots of technique
but be surre just fer tryin'
** google source


Nasriq said...

owh... baru tau hari ni ada jugak bahasa penyamun ek...

jaya jr said...

haha,klo menang jangan lupe ajok tengok..kah3

kim heeruul said...

aku xminat citer ini..

kalo menang cite harry potter yang part 2 punya ajak aku..haha

muhammad iqbal hakimi bin tahir said...

gudluck bro!.. =)

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

woahhhhh nice entry izzil....rhyme giteww....:-)

ghost writer said...

mekasih kerna mengekalkan si kapten jack sparrow dan kapten barbossa.

Far8 budak baik said...

last minit stady lahh best kn..
weh weh tgk cite thor..
mmg best aksi..
pastu lawak gile huh

Mr iz said...

he he he he... harap harap adalah rezeki...he he he... kalau tak minta ezay belanja je lah...he he he...amacam ada brani ke...wachaaaa....he he he

apik pehe said...

hahaha..x lame lagi dah nk kuar citer nih

~Nabilah~ said...

waaa....mcm best jer..btw,gud luck.. :).

hawiz said...

yeay...ajak aku skali yer..hehe

Prince Halilintar said...

19 mei ni byk cite best2 kuar..xtaw nak tgk mane satu je la..haha

zati embong said...

hahaha.perasan aja ezay bahasa penyamun 2.haha

Shamsuddin Amin said...

lanun cetak rompak pon leh dapt duet byk... hehe

x sbr nk tgok citer ni...^^

Suhami Ahmad said...

aiyooo masuk contest nuff ke? gud luck ek


mina kemain malas la nak masuk..kihkihkih....sbb tau dah kompem tak menang..hahaha

i am S!L4H.. said...

wahhh. gud luck ezad. cambest plak lanun berkata-kata

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